Day to day study planner 

Friday 5 April 2024

A day to day study planner helps you put your wellbeing at the centre of your studying. It is important to get the work done, but St Andrews students tend to do their best when they look after themselves in the process. Here is why we want you to think about what is on our study planner;  

Time you study best; 

  • Reflecting on when you study best can help make the most of those hours you can also schedule challenging or high-priority tasks during these hours. 
  • It can also help you take into account when you have lectures, tutorials and labs.  

We <3 breaktimes, and why you should too;  

  • Step away from screens and books to give your eyes a rest and digest what you have been doing, which can help give you a better perspective on the work! 
  • It allows you dedicated time to socalise with those you study with, or to call a friend/family member, which can help ease procrastination! 
  • Allows some physical activity, like a walk around outside or, if the space is big enough, the building you are in.  

Where you study matters; 

  • Choose a place with minimal distractions and comfortable seating. 
  • Explore different study locations to find what works best for different types of tasks. 
  • Consider places that are organised and clutter-free environments, as this reduces stress by providing a clear and calm space for studying. 
  • Over time, your brain associates the space with focused and productive work, making it easier to get into a study mindset. 
  • Check out our Study Spaces blog post for more areas! 

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